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Steaming is one of the most nutritious ways of cooking food, because it allows the boiling water to vaporize into steam, and this steam heats the food without removing its nutrients. The food stays seperate from the boiling water and this results in a fine color, moist texture, flavor and taste in your food.This differs from boiling your food because the process of boiling can leach your food of nutrients.”That being said, steaming is impossible if you dont have the right kitchen tools to help you to do it.

You are going to be amazed at the delicious vegetables,meats,seafood,idly and soft dhokla, also sweet corns and momos ,rice, pulaos that you can steam with ease in STEEMO. Top of it the non stop soup making function , in fact to be more precise extract making function which people appreciate for abundance of vitamins in a small portion of soup , that means a complete meal in one device and you are going to be delighted by the flavour making it easier than ever to cook for the whole family.

The whole family can enjoy being able to see the colourfull food through the transparent sides in STEEMO. It’s designed with two separate steaming bowls to prepare a complete meal quickly and easily. Simply fill in the food, set the timer,and let the Steemo do the work. Another great thing about using the Steemo Food Steamer is that there is no threat of food overcooking or burning. “STEEMO” truly is built to last, utilizing wonderfully durable materials that are designed to stand the test of time.