Steemo In Food Contact Stainless Steel - Plastic Free

Maintains Natural Flavour & Taste.
For whom A Healthy Life Style is The Only Life Style.

Need of The Hour

Taste and Preferences of the Customers are changing now a days. “Healthy” options are becoming more and more Popular with the masses, especially, For health reasons probably they are wanting to Avoid BPA Plastics and No Plastic Touching any of the food. Such people will Truly Appreciate “Steemo Stainless Steel (S.S.) Steam Cooker”and what it brings to the dining table.

Steemo in Premium Quality Stainless Steel For Plastic Free Food Contact & Taste Maintaining Cooking

Benefits of Steemo Food Contact- Food Safe Stainless Steel Model

✅ The only Non-Reactive Metal used in The cook ware.

✅ Maintains All Flavour & Original Taste.

✅ Does not absorb unusual odours or flavours.

✅ Will not react with Acidic Foods or Sauces.

✅ It distributes heat faster and saves electricity & time.

✅ Simple 1 – 2 – 3 cooking with fast and easy cleanup.

✅ Steemo Stainless Steel  Steamer Preserves 90% Of the antioxidants in the  fresh vegetables.



Presenting World's Best Steemo Steam Cooker Both In Stainless Steel & Poly Carbonate Transparent Models

Our Stainless Steel Steamer can be used to steam your favorite dishes that allows retention of nutrients. Due to their health aspect Cooking without any Oil. A safe steamer fit for daily use.

What Our Customers Say For Steemo Cooker!

Dishes that you can Prepare!

Veg Soup


Tomato Soup




Soft Dhokla

SS Bowl With Handle To Lift


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Cooking is your life & your kitchen is your office.

People for whom

The healthy lifestyle is the only  lifestyle.

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Product Description

Not all the steam cookers are created equal. Although they may look similar, Our Steemo S.S. Steam Cooker comes with an elegant design, excellent construction quality and convenient capacity.

The Steemo Multi Steam Cooker is heavily praised among current owners and although It might be abit pricey for some, You have to take Into the consideration what you get for your money and in this case, you will get a top-rated quality of food contact, food safe, non-absorbing unusual odours – stainless steel jars preserving the natural flavour, taste and nutritional values. Additionally the idly attachments & rice bowl attachment are also produced out of High-Quality Stainless Steel. And once again main point to be emphasized is that you won’t get residue flavours or colours from your food contaminating the next meal, you cook. 

This multifunctional top-rated, “Steemo Brand” Steam Cooker Is an extremely durable and efficient product for your kitchen as well as ideal for those who prefer convenient and deliciously cooked food. Moreover, you can cook variety of food at the same time by using both the S.S. steaming jars together and there is no plastic in contact with the food either.

Your rice and vegetables only come in contact with S.S. cooking surface So that you can get assured it won’t affect the natural flavour or taste in any way. Also, the jars are having two short handles with balanced weight on eitherside thus providing ease & convenience to carry around. Even 4×3 Idly attachment is also made of S.S. With Steemo Stainless Steel Steam Cooker you can have 4 (Four) cooking in One Go all together.

It cooks, steams, reheats and can make all sorts of dumplings, from dimsum to tibetan momos, fresh cut vegetables, uniformly cooked Non-Veg. It can even draw extra fat from the Non-Veg. simultaneously. It can sterilize milk without getting boiled or spilled out of the vessel, and since medium of heat is moisture, the water vapours, the taste of the milk remains original and same.

It can make soup (extract) with the soup attachment and also can cook several items like idly, soft dhokla, khichdi, pulao, kheer, noodles, cake, pudding, sprouts, sweet corn , potatoes, sweet potatoes, sea food, boiled eggs, omelette without oil and of course you can cook any variety of rice with perfect non sticking results in addition to several more recipes provided in the accompanied Recipe Book.

Steemo is the most economical steam cooker to run as it has been incorporated with the “Latest Turbo Steam Generator”; A rapid heat technology with no Increase in wattage that reaches to maximum steaming power in just 30 seconds. You can get your meal cooked faster and in a more even manner while saving time and electric consumption.

The standard packing includes two S.S. steaming jars, S.S. rice attachment, S.S. 4×3 idly attachment, soup cum sprout maker, a main steaming body, a tempered glass lid (see through cover) with S.S. Trim to monitor cooking as well as a turbo steam generator.   
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