Steemo Plastic Free Food Contact, Flavour &Taste Maintaining Best Stainless Steel Multi Steam Cooker Healthy Electric Food Steamer Momos Egg Boiler

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  • True & Sure “Cooking Is Your Life & Your Kitchen Is Your Office.” “Healthy” options are becoming more Popular especially,People for Whom “The Healthy Life Style is the Only Lifestyle” Such people will truly appreciate “Steemo Stainless Steel (S.S) Steam Cooker” which will not react with Acidic Foods or Sauces.
  • Unlike other plastic steam cooker this non-reactive stainless steel multi steam cooker maintains all flavor & original taste, does not absorb unusual odours or flavours. It distributes heat faster and saves electricity & time. Powerful & even steam distribution allows your food to be cooked uniformly. Dual steaming helps you cook food separately, but simultaneously, that’s ready all together. Steemo premium quality Stainless Steel Steamer preserves 90% of the antioxidants in the fresh vegetables
  • In S.S. Jars you won’t get residue flavours or colours from your food contaminating the next meal, you cook It can make all sorts of dumplings,from dimsum to tibetan momos, fresh cut vegetables, uniformly cooked Non-Veg. It can even draw extra fat from the Non-Veg. simultaneously. It can sterilize milk without getting boiled or spilled out of the vessel, and since medium of heat is moisture the taste of the milk remains original and same. Auto Stop Timer with bell & indicator is an extra feature
  • Steemo is the most economical steam cooker to run as it has been incorporated with the “Latest Turbo Steam Generator”; A rapid heat technology with no Increase in wattage that reaches to maximum steaming power in just 30 seconds. You can get your meal cooked faster and in a more even manner while saving time and electric consumption.
  • Simple 1 – 2 – 3 Cooking,Steaming,Reheating in S.S. Steemo Cooker with fast and easy cleanup. It can make soup (extract) with the soup attachment and also can cook several items like idly, soft dhokla, khichdi, pulao, kheer, noodles, cake, pudding, sprouts, sweet corn , potatoes, sweet potatoes, sea food, boiled eggs, omelette without oil and of course you can cook any variety of rice with perfect non sticking results in addition to several more recipes provided in the accompanied Recipe Book.



When you wish to cook multiple food items at once, you often have to cook them one after the another, which consumes a lot of time and energy. But what if there was a provision that allowed you to cook multiple food items at the same time? Steemo presents Stainless Steel Multi Steam Electric Cooker that gets multiple containers which allow you to cook different foods at the same time. This durable stainless-steel cooker gets two stainless steel jars and a glass jar that is suitable for making soup. You get a transparent glass lid to cover the jar at the top. This cooker ensures that all your vegetables and non-veg items get cooked uniformly and do not lose their flavour in the process. Equipped with rapid heat technology, this steam cooker goes easy on your wallet by saving a lot of money. The Steemo Multi Steam cooker comes with an auto stop timer with bell and indicator that tells you when the food is cooked. Cooking, steaming and reheating is an easy task with the S.S. Steemo cooker with fast and easy clean up. This Plastic Free Stainless Steel Electric Multi-Cooker and Steamer is an ideal addition for every kitchen.

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Steam Cooker That Ensure Good Health

Eating healthy food automatically leads to good health and this is the reason Steemo tries hard to ensure that your food quality is not hampered in any way when it is kept in this cooker. This Multi Steam Electric Cooker also comes with an Idli and rice-bowl attachment that is made from good quality stainless steel. A highlighting characteristic of this cooker is that you won’t get any reside flavours or colours from your food contaminating the next meal that you cook. You can cook a variety of food at the same time by using both the S.S. Steaming jars and there is no plastic in contact with the food either. The jars are having two short handles with balanced weight on either side, thus providing ease & convenience to carry around. With Steemo Stainless Steel Steam Cooker you can have 4 (Four) cooking in One Go.


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