GAS-O-GRILL With Glass LID Jumbo Full Aluminium CAST Stove TOP Grill By STEEMO, Order Your Delicious Grilling Taste Right on Your Gas Stove.

Gas O Grill.

GAS-O-GRILL Regd.TM with Glass LID Jumbo.

  • Gas -O-Grill” Smokeless Indoor BBQ coming with Toughened / Tempered Transparent Glass Lid including height enhancer SS ring to cover food pcs of big size.
  • Non-Stick Coating and at least 5 times longer life in compare
  • It’s well-designed Aluminum Casted Heavy Duty Drip Tray’s larger opening and four extended in cast stands fits comfortably around most burners.
  • Gas O Grill non-stick drip tray is with handles to provide stability while cooking and safety when removing the grill for cleaning.

Gas O Grill

Get The Delicious Grilling Taste Right on Your Stove.

• Cooks on gas, electric, or camping stove. 
• This Unique, multi-functional 2-piece Grill converts your stove into an indoor Smokeless Grill. 
• The Heavy Duty Grill Plate grills food golden brown with perfect even heat for low-fat or no-fat delicious cooking.
• The Aluminum Casted Drip Tray beneath is filled with 1/2 cup of Water or Juice and captures excess fat & grease to eliminate smoke &  splatter while simultaneously steam-flavoring food for moist juicy results. 
• Cleaning: Heavy-Duty Non-Stick Grill Plate & Aluminum Casted Drip Tray, may be easily cleaned with warm soapy water or may be placed in the dishwasher.
• Read directions before using the Grill.

Just Add Water To Drip Tray !

"Food Grade Teflon Coating"

Grill Veg & Non Veg.

Turn Your Stove Into a Smokeless Grill.

  • Easy to use
  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Easy to clean-dishwasher safe
  • Cooks fast and even
  • Juicy and Delicious food
  • Use on electric or gas stoves.
  • Great for home, camping or Picnics
  • Food Grade Teflon Coating

"Cooking is about creating something
delicious for someone else"